The cures for kids story

Perri Tutelman wasn’t just any ordinary high school student in 2009 when she founded a non-profit organization. In fact she had already been a contributing researcher at the B.C. Cancer Research Centre working on a treatment for cancer since she was 14. And it’s this drive that has helped Perri land a coveted spot on Canada’s Top 20 Under 20.


It was during her work with kids at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice that Perri saw just how powerful her research and her passion for kids could be. Perri saw how she could involve the community and raise awareness to help kids suffering from life threatening illness. So she took her love of research in the lab and paediatric clinical care, and founded the “Cures for Kids Foundation.”

With the help of family, friends and supporters, Cures for Kids works to apply that vision for supporting research and helping kids every single day. By addressing the issues of children’s life-threatening illnesses through funding critical research across Canada we can make a difference. So far Cures for Kids has helped to save many young lives and improve the quality of life for children with life-threatening illnesses, but we are only just getting started.

The improved prognosis for childhood illness has not been realized without a cost.

Cures for Kids is committed to funding research for many childhood illnesses. From cystic fibrosis to cancer, and muscular dystrophy to cerebral palsy and many other life threatening conditions, we are working to fund the valuable research that can help find “Cures for Kids!”

Ways The Cures for Kids Foundation can help:

  1. Provide grants for recreational projects that contribute to the physical, emotional, psychosocial wellbeing of children with life-threatening illnesses
  2.  Support projects that improve the clinical care of children living with life-threatening illnesses by hiring additional doctors and medical researchers and by acquiring cutting edge clinical and research equipment.
  3. Provide grants for research programs to develop new therapies, treatments and approaches for children living with life-threatening illnesses.

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