Granting Guidelines

Cures for Kids is a non-profit organization founded by high school student Perri Tutelman in 2009 to support programs for children’s life-threatening illnesses and raise awareness in our community.

Our mission is “To provide funding for research and clinical programs for children with life-threatening illnesses.”

Cures for Kids provides grants of between $500 and $2,500 to qualifying organizations for specific programs and projects. Grants are made Canada wide with preference given to programs and projects delivered in British Columbia.


Cures for Kids Foundation is pleased to launch its 2017 Grant Program. As a leader in the fight against childhood illnesses, we invite you to apply for a Cures for Kids Grant in the 2017 Grant Cycle.

To see a list of previous projects that have received grants from Cures for Kids, please click here 

The next Cures for Kids grant deadline is:


*Please ensure your application is no longer than 5 pages single spaced.*

Download the Cures for Kids Grants Application. Remember to save it on your system first and then fill in your form.

Once completed, make sure you ‘Save As’ your form and email it to us for review.

Submit Completed Application to: 

Amanda Wong
Vice-President, Cures for Kids Foundation


If your organization receives a grant from the Cures for Kids Foundation a final report is required 12 months after receipt of funds. The report should detail progress made on the project/program, number of people served, unexpected challenges and positive outcomes.


Please note that Cures for Kids will not fund:

  • Other foundations (with the exception of special interest foundations such as hospital foundations that raise money exclusively for the organization they are connected to)
  • Faith based organizations and activities or religious causes
  • Capital or operating deficits
  • Endowments
  • Individuals
  • Programs or projects involving partisan political activities
  • Annual operating or other recurring costs, unless directly linked to the project or program being applied for

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